General Sessions — Feb. 4, 2019

  Ada Lovelace Hedy Lamarr Grace Hopper Adele Goldberg

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Opening Remarks

10:30AM The Margins of Software Freedom Molly deBlanc
11:00AM Boundaries on freedom and copyleft in decentralized network environments Christopher Lemmer Webber Free Fonts and the Zen of the Open Font License Dave Crossland Redis Labs & the tragedy of the Commons Clause Chris Lamb Maximizing the value free software to your organization using copyleft Marc Jones
11:40AM Procurement to source disclosure: compliance best practices Denver Gingerich Copylefting Community Radio Stations Rute Correia The range and border of copyleft in a Microservices Architecture Dr. Lutz M. Keppeler <script src="trap.js"></script> John Sullivan
12:20PM Fulfilling Source Code Distribution Requirements Alexios Zavras, Stefano Zacchiroli Public Goods, Promises, & Pitfalls: License reciprocity for government and nonprofit works Michael Downey, Heath Arensen Copyleft in the 3D printing world Tom Callaway Using strong copyleft to build a sustainable business Björn Schießle

Onsite Lunch

02:00PM Overcoming Objections: Making the Case(s) for Copyleft Licensing of Corporate FOSS Projects Jessica Marz, Beth Flanagan, Deb Nicholson, Duane O'Brien
03:00PM "Extreme" Copyleft: Boon, or Bane? McCoy Smith Educating about CopyLeft to Reduce Resistance to Change in Migrations to FLOSS Italo Vignoli Making people love FOSS: a case study at KU Leuven Bert Van de Poel make ccsdisk : a strategy for GPL compliance Robert Call
03:40PM What is the maximum permissible scope for copyleft? Van Lindberg Is it time for a strategic GPL litigation plan? Marc Jones Role of copyleft in crowdsourcing education Марко Кажић

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